The AACP Education Committee has been working hard since the last convention to find and deliver some state-wide training to our members and all law enforcement personnel. The committee has partnered with Ozark Guidance Center to develop a training program specifically for dealing with mentally disabled persons. We are pleased to announce that we will be offering a course entitled, Improving Outcomes: Law Enforcement Interactions with Mentally Ill and Developmentally Disabled Persons. This is a 2-day course offering 13 hours of continuing education at NO COST to you. This course is being sponsored by the AACP. The only anticipated expense you may have will be for travel. The course is open to ALL LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSONNEL. The first session will be held in Northwest Arkansas at ALETA in Springdale.  Depending on the response and outcome of this initial session, we plan to hold additional sessions, regionally, around the state. We hope that you will take advantage of this necessary training at NO COST to you. Please see the attached form for more details. You will use this form to reserve you spot. Space is limited. Registration Form