Executive Board

Arkansas Association of Chiefs of Police

AACP President
Chief Todd Stovall

First Vice President
Chief Jason Stachey

2nd Vice President
Chief Jim Wilmeth

Past President
Chief Chad Henson

Executive Director
Chief Gary Sipes

AACP At-Large
Chief Greg Tabor

Vice President
Chief Phillip Faulkner

Vice President
Chief Jackie Davis

Vice President
Chief Jim Kuchenbecker

Retired Chiefs’ Representative
Retired Chief Kyn Wilson

Chief Montie Sims

Southwest Region
Vice President
Assistant Chief Chris Chapmond

Support Community Protection & Development

The AACP is a non-profit organization of police chiefs and executives from all over Arkansas, who recognize the importance of having proven, effective leaders in law enforcement today. The AACP continually works towards enhancing the knowledge and skills of police executives so that they can effectively meet the growing demand of providing the best possible law enforcement available today.